Sunforce 11240 1000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Remote Control Review

Sunforce 11240 1000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Remote Control
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Bought this off Amazon a month or two ago. I was looking for an inexpensive pure sine wave inverter to replace my Duracell (Xantrex) modified sine wave inverter. I was expecting to have issues from the get go (due to the cheap price!) but this inverter is working out quite nicely. I have it hooked up to 4 Trojan T-105 batteries which is charged up with an 85 watt Kyocera solar panel and Xantrex C35 charge controller.
Being pure sine wave, I can run anything now that my old modified sine couldn't. No more annoying buzzing sounds from CFL's or TV's. certain appliances that wouldn't power up on the old inverter now work flawlessly. Some things I run on the Sunforce: Samsung 22" LCD TV, CFL's of all sizes, Playstation 2, battery chargers, laptops, electric cooler.
I haven't tripped the over current protection yet at all, not even when using items that typically surge, such as a large power drill.
No fan issues like the other review mentioned.. in fact I haven't heard it come on at all yet; then again it's winter time here in Missouri so I assume it truly is thermal controlled.
The remote keychain that was provided with the unit works great. Since I'm doing the electrical work on our new cabin, I can turn off and on when working on the electrical. Then turn it off when we leave for the week.
The only issue I've had so far is once I came back on the weekend and the inverter turned itself back on sometime during the week. This normally wouldn't be a big issue except we're limited on battery capacity and can be a nuisance if kept happening. This has only happened the one time so no biggie.
The LCD readout on the front of the inverter is a nice feature, more expensive inverters don't have this by default, though I rarely look at it.
I would like to determine how much power the inverter uses when it's powered on and in idle mode. The documentation doesn't mention this anywhere and would expect that would be a major selling point. (or, disadvantage if it's too much of a power draw). I don't have an amp meter to test what it is, if you find out please post a review.
The only other downsides is:
1) this inverter has no permanent mounting brackets. only rubber feet on the bottom. luckily the thick DC cabling keeps it well secured within the battery box.
2) the DC hookups are HAND TIGHTEN only. This can be an issue if you, like me, use the proper gauge wiring. in my case I'm using 6 gauge, which is actually borderline of being too small but the batteries are close by. I ended up using pliers to tighten the hand lugs. With thicker wiring, I imagine this would be a huge pain.
inexpensive! I noticed the price just went up though :(
LCD readout on front panel
Keychain remote, I haven't seen any other inverters include this with the inverter itself
no mounting brackets? I'm sure you could finagle some aluminum straps around it, instead.
hand tightened DC connections
no mention of idle power usage.

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The Sunforce 11240 1000-Watt Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter converts DC power into clean, stable AC power that is ideal for running home appliances, pumps, and motors. It provides 2000 Watts of peak surge power to get your gear started, and 1000 Watts of continuous power to keep it running. Pure Sine Wave inversion guarantees optimum compatibility with sensitive equipment, computers, motors, televisions and more. Compact and portable, this inverter is perfect for use at worksites, on boats, or for permanent use in a solar power setup. Sunforce Power Inverters can provide clean, free poweras part of a solar power setup.

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